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Interior at Furlongs Art Print by Eric Ravilious

The cottage called Furlongs in Glynde near Lewes in East Sussex and was rented by Ravilious’s friend Peggy Angus and it became a hive of artistic activity throughout the 1930’s. Eric painted this watercolour in 1939 and it is imbued by the mysterious, dream-like quality and unusual perspective evident in quite a few of his artworks of this era. Interior at Furlongs painted in 1939 combines its interior view of a largely empty room in a cottage, with one view through the open door, the other view through a closed window. The landscape shown is that of the South Downs in Eric's native East Sussex. The view outside shows woods, a distant hut or cottage, and golden fields of corn, so would have been painted in the late summer at the outbreak of war. Both the landscape and the cottage itself are curiously empty, the only sign of life being a coat hung on a hook on the back of the door. Bright red curtains and a chair stand in the sunlight which pours in through the window. 


If you are keen to learn more about this intriguing artist, be sure to visit our Eric Ravilious Blog. We regularly post new essays about his life, work and inspirations. Our latest post reviews the film about the life of Eric Ravilious called 'Drawn to War'.  

We supply Limited Edition Eric Ravilious Prints to art galleries, shops and picture framing studios all over the UK and beyond. Trade enquiries are welcome. Please email us for our trade pricelist. 

Interior at Furlongs Art Print by Eric Ravilious

  • Paper Size: 67 x 57cm

    Image Size:  50 x 40cm

    Frame Size:  65 x 55cm (Approx)

    Print Details: Giclee Print on 310gsm 100% Cotton Rag Fine Art paper, hand-numbered, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

    Edition Size: Limited Edition Print run of 500

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