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Authentic Limited Edition Watercolour Prints



Our authentic, beautifully produced limited edition Eric Ravilious prints are fully licensed and 15% of each sale goes to the copyright holder. 


Timeless and quintessentially British, the watercolours of Eric Ravilious have acquired a huge following in recent years. Although his life was cut tragically short due to his disappearance in 1942 when the aeroplane he was travelling in was lost off the coast of Iceland, Ravilious produced a prolific number of artworks. He painted nearly 100 watercolours and countless woodcuts, drawings, murals, illustrations and ceramic designs during his 39 years. One is left to imagine what he would have achieved had he lived. His paintings have been described as 'mystical', 'magical' and 'untranslatable'. Although on the surface Ravilious captures everyday scenes, they are infused with mystery. Why are his paintings so noticeably empty of people? We are left to wonder. Empty chairs, train carriages, greenhouses and downland paths abound. They perfectly capture a unique moment in time and space - England between the wars. He had an incredible knack of capturing everyday scenes and details from English life as depicted in 'Tea at Furlongs' and 'Baker's Cart', but he also had an eye for seeking out intriguing scenes as seen in his paintings 'Ship's Screw' and 'Leaving Scapa Flow'. We supply Limited Edition Eric Ravilious Prints to art galleries, shops and picture framing studios all over the UK and beyond. Trade enquiries are welcome. Please email us for our trade pricelist. 

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